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A YEAR LONG CELEBRATION: This year, we are celebrating 100 years as a religious order. Click the button and take a look at our amazing history. LEARN MORE

The Missionary Cenacle Family was born of the impulse of the Holy Spirit upon Fr. Thomas Augustine Judge, CM. There are four branches to this Missionary Family: The Missionary Cenacle Apostolate – laywomen and men, the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity – Religious Sisters, The Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity – Religious Brothers and Priests, The Blessed Trinity Institute – lay women and men in private vows.

The Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity were founded in 1921 and are now celebrating 100 years.

Our founder’s great devotion to the Trinity has led and guided the work we do, so much so we’ve become known to friends and benefactors as Trinity Missions and, our men, Trinity Missionaries.

We are on a mission to preserve the Faith in areas and among people who are spiritually neglected and abandoned, especially the poor. Our chief effort is to develop the missionary spirit of the laity.

“There is no truer proof of a great love of God than a great love of our neighbor.” – Fr. Thomas Judge

Himno de Centenario en Español

Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity’s Centennial Hymn

Memorial del Padre Francisco Valdovinos

Vídeo del centenario de los Siervos Misioneros (subtítulos en español)

Additional Resources

Centennial website: https://trinitymissionscentennial.org/

Main website: https://trinitymissions.org/

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