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Legacy of Love One Brick at a Time

Legacy of Love One Brick at a Time is a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion! The Events Fundraiser Committee is hosting a brick sale. Buy two bricks for $200 each and get the third brick for FREE! Bricks are a great way to commemorate a loved one, a family, a wedding anniversary, a birth, a community, or a beloved pet. 

Bricks will be placed at OLOS and a soon-to-be-created prayer area, “Our Lady of Soledad Sanctuary”, a Grotto, the Stations of the Cross, and other projects. All proceeds from the brick sales will pay for gates, fencing around the church, and will help pay the loan of 3 million, on our new church. You can purchase your commemorative brick by going to the church website, ourladyofsoledad.org. 

For more information, please contact 

Regina at 760 578-2657 or Simona 707 499-5922

[email protected]                        [email protected]

Order now to help raise funds for OLOS.

Here’s how to order: click on the complete form button, fill in the form, download the completed form and email to either Regina or Simona. Once you form is submitted click here to pay for your brick online.

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