Our Lady of Soledad

First Communion

The celebration of First Communion is a most significant step in the process of becoming fully initiated into the Church.  To receive the Eucharist is awe-inspiring.  The person pronounces an Amen that reaches Our Lord as an acknowledgment of being a beloved son or daughter of God.  It further expresses that the person will do everything in his or her power to love as God loves.  First Communion is celebrated after preparation directed towards our younger members as well as adults.

It is important to note that the Sacraments are not purchased, any fees associated with the celebration or sacraments are administrative in nature and related to good stewardship. Registration is now closed for children 7-17.


  • Baptism certificate
  • Family-focused two-year process:  Parents accompany their children or teens through their formation
  • Spiritual Retreat for Parents and Teens
  • Weekly Mass Attendance 
  • Missionary Project
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