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Alianza has funds to help a few families/individuals who live in the Coachella Valley and have been impacted by COVID-19 with rent, mortgage, or funeral expenses. You might know of families who could use these funds. Alianza is taking applications on a first-come-first-serve basis, and have room to serve between 60-80 individual. Send them a text to 474747 or call 760-972-4628 or 760-989-8272

Alzheimer’s Association

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is scheduling appointments for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which provides utility payment assistance for gas or electricity bills.

COVID NEWS – 10 Things you can do to manage your COVID-19 symptoms at home

Housing for the Harvest 

This is a program that offers temporary hotel housing to agricultural workers who need to isolate themselves due to COVID-19. It helps positive or exposed workers protect their loved ones and coworkers by giving them space to self-isolate. Farm and food processing workers play an essential role in maintaining our food supply. But some who need to self-isolate are finding it difficult due to their housing situation.

 For more information: covid19.ca.gov/housing-for-agricultural-workers/

How to use Zoom for the first time (English & Spanish videos)

How to use on your cell phone

How to use on your computer (without downloading Zoom)

Desde El Celular

Desde El Computadora

Ignatian Solidarity Network

Ignatian Solidarity Network is an organization that works to network, educate, and form advocates for social justice animated by the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the witness of the Jesuit martyrs of El Salvador and their companions.

Click here to learn more.

Immigrant Families Fund

Millions of immigrants are working on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, risking their health and well-being every day to keep our society going. And yet, many immigrants were left out of the CARES Act relief. The COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund is providing financial support to immigrant families who have been left out of the federal government’s relief efforts. Immigrants may be eligible to receive a $500 grant to help cover whatever is most pressing in their lives.


  • Not eligible to receive a CARES Recovery Rebate (coronavirus stimulus check) from the Federal government.
  • Earned less than $99,000 or total household income below $198,000 in 2019.
  • Experienced an income disruption due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


  • Step 1: PRE-APPLY – Submit a pre-application today.
  • Step 2: APPLY – Depending on eligibility, equity, and available funding, we may invite you to submit a full grant application. If you are invited, you will receive an email from MAF inviting you to submit your full application in our secure portal.
  • Step 3: APPROVAL – If we approve your application, we will deposit a $500 grant directly into your bank account within 2-5 business days.

Click here to pre-apply

Importance of wearing a mask and wearing it properly

Please follow the YouTube link. It will visually demonstrate how the coronavirus travels from person to person. Notice how social distance becomes important and how the risk has increased as we spend more time indoors because of the cold weather. Notice too, how the risk is reduced (not eliminated) when the face mask is used and even more so when the mask is properly fitted. On an additional note, an easy way to tell if you have a good mask is simply to try to blow out a candle. If you are able to blow it out, it has failed the test.

Let us use extra care, please.

Inland Counties Legal Services

Jewish Family Services of the Desert

Riverside County Department of Public Social Services

Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health

Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health Grupo de Apoyo al duelo

Inland Caregiver Resource Center ha trabajado diligentemente para satisfacer las necesidades de los cuidadores familiares. Es con gran expectativa que ICRC recibe esta nueva serie educativa y de apoyo.El Grupo de apoyo al duelo de ICRC es un grupo cerrado de seis semanas que apoyará a los afligidos en su viaje hacia una nueva norma y, al mismo tiempo, brindar apoyo durante el duelo. Este grupo se llevara a cabo virtualmente usando Zoom.

En las 6 semanas, obtendrá información sobre el duelo para comprenderlo, identificará habilidades de afrontamiento positivas, así como los problemas que han llevado a síntomas de depresión o ansiedad, y formas de implementar actividades para comenzar un nuevo viaje después de la pérdida.

Es necesario registrarse. El cupo es limitado.Un miembro del personal le enviará un correo electrónico para confirmar su registro. Facilitado por America Navejas, BASW. Si tiene preguntas sobre esta nueva serie o acerca de otrso servicios de Inland Caregiver Resource Center llame al (800) 675-6694 ext 131


TODEC’s mission is to empower disenfranchised immigrant communities to become economically, socially, educationally, and civically self-sufficient while enhancing individual self-esteem and community health. The overall purpose of TODEC is to ensure equitable access to information, immigration legal services, community education, advocacy, and civic engagement for limited and non-English speaking people including immigrants and migrant workers throughout Riverside, San Bernardino, Inyo, and Imperial counties.

For more information on local resources, please visit https://todec.org/resources/


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