Presently, vaccines have been available to us under an “emergency” status. However, Pfizer has now received FDA approval. The other vaccines will probably also receive FDA approval shortly. This will make it possible for employers to mandate vaccination for their employees.

Further, vaccine trials for ages 5-12 will be completed in October and under the “emergency status” will be available to the children. In six months, will most likely receive FDA approval.

New restrictions have been issued as a result of an increase in the rate of transmission of Covid. Tragically, more than 20% of the new cases have been among children under 18; 40% have been among unvaccinated young adults age 20-35, the remaining 20% have been with unvaccinated persons with some sort of health condition.

As a result, family visitors and ministries to convalescent homes, hospitals, etc. are now restricted to those who show proof of vaccination or negative Covid test at least 72 hours prior to admittance.

Pfizer and Moderna booster shots are being prepared. Make sure you respond to any text message you receive. The survey questions will help identify when you may be eligible for the booster.

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